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Motion Capture – The Future of Music Technology?


minority-report1 Music technology is moving on. Over the last decade or so, we’ve become accustomed to the computerisation of every aspect of electronic dance music. Music production? For many people, it’s done with a laptop and a mouse. Live sets? Often a laptop, again. DJ sets? Ableton and digital DJ systems are busy taking over. Fortunately, the last few years have seen a slew of new-style controlle...

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The Lowdown On Breakdowns – Part Two


keep-calm-and-drop-the-bass-182 Last week, we looked at the world of breakdowns in electronic music. What’s the point of them, why do you need them, and what you should be trying to do with a breakdown anyway? We also offered up plenty of tips on how to make your breakdowns really pack a punch, but there was so much to talk about that we ran out of space. So if you’re still hankering after some more tips that may spa...

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The Lowdown on Breakdowns – Part One


handsintheair If there’s one thing that unites pretty much all sub-genres of dance music, it’s that they all tend to use breakdowns. Whether it’s an epic trance build-up with symphonic synths, or a gnarled electro crunch that sets new standards in editing and complexity, the basic premise is usually the same – it lands somewhere near the middle of the track, gives the dancefloor a bit of a b...

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Five Music Production Habits You Should Give Up


stop-bad-habits You might not be an avid church-goer, but still you probably know that around this time of year, people start talking about giving things up for Lent. Like chocolate, booze, or standing around in doorways trying to remember what you came into the room for. It’s not a bad idea, and it can apply especially to music production, where people get so stuck in their ways, they end up with all sorts...

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Loudness and Dynamics Processing


5495275915_f519dcf66d_zpsadb1c414 The field of loudness and dynamics processing in music production is an area of vigorous debate. Everyone loves to weigh in on the famous Loudness War, and on production forums the relative merits of compression, limiting and transients are dissected and argued over long into the night, when producers should probably be working on their own beats. But it’s a difficult and confusing area of p...

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Go Lo-Fi!


196651-akai_stereo_cassette_deck_cs702_d_ii When the age of laptop production hit the music scene, everything changed. It’s far easier to make a clean, polished mixdown: high-quality plugins, no worries over hiss, dodgy connections or synths going faulty, great sample packs, and all for less cash than it used to cost for one day in a big studio. What’s not to like? The unintended upshot of all this is that a lot of the more popu...

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