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Big Tracks Dissected – Inspector Norse


Terje11-512x512 Every now and then we like to examine a fairly recent track that has attained – or is in the process of attaining – some kind of ‘classic’ status. What can we learn from it? How does it work? Why did it get so popular? In the age of viral sensations, a single big track can turn an almost unknown producer into a global star – just look at Baauer, Joy Orbison or Ben Pearce. So ...

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Classic Tracks: Scary Monsters And Nice Sprites


skrill It’s time once again to have a delve into a classic track and see what makes it tick. It’s an important way of learning about music – by analysing a successful track we can start to see what’s so good about it, what the different elements and techniques are that makes it work so well, and hopefully how we can use some of those techniques in our own work. So this week, we’...

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Classic Tracks: Skream – Midnight Request Line


Skream Time to delve once more into the vault for another look at a classic track, and a chance to take it apart to see how it works. What makes it such a good tune? Why was it successful? How can you try to get some of this magic into your own work? So this week we’re heading back to the early days of dubstep. Not the absolute beginnings, as it morphed out of garage and grime, but the period when ...

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Classic Tracks: Hard Drive – Deep Inside


HardDrive1 It’s time for another look at a classic tune to figure out what makes it tick. This week we’re diving straight into the zeitgeist with some classic house music. Right about now, it’s almost impossible to escape the influence of those classic 1990′s swinging house tracks – from Bicep to Ejeca and Detroit Swindle, everybody is channelling the spirit of New York house and ga...

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