Drum Programming

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Audio vs Samplers!


cool soundwave When you’re working and writing with audio, there are generally two ways to go – either you chop up it up into samples, load it into a sampler and start programming, or you just start working directly with the audio section in the arrange window of your DAW. We’ll assume that our readers generally don’t do too much work with tape. But what’s the best way? Why work with b...

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How To Find Your Production Style!


drum_sticks One of the biggest difficulties for a lot of producers, especially those who are just starting out, is finding and developing a recognisable style of their own. How do you get there? Where does this style come from? Styles don’t just develop randomly – they are usually a combination of influences and borrowed ideas from a range of music. It can be deliberate or subconscious, but it...

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Get Your Beats Jumpin!


bus+compression One mixing and production technique that will be present on the vast majority of records you own, especially those recorded in bigger studios with professional engineers, is that of buss compression. It can be hugely useful, both from an artistic and an engineering viewpoint – whether you want to go for that big, pumping, filtered disco sound, or just make sure your track is as fat as possi...

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Stir Some Syncopation Into Your Mix!


bakedbeats Syncopation is one of the basic ingredients of rhythm. It’s what makes the difference between a straightforward,stomping beat, and something funky, fluid and interesting.But what is it? Can anyone get in on the act? And can you use it for other things than drums too? Let us shed some light… Syncopation is, basically, just putting things in the gaps between beats. But not just on 8ths;...

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Fire Up Your Beats!


Smashed-Glass After the kick drum, in dance music the most important part of your beat is arguably the ‘backbeat’. This is what falls on beats two and four of the bar (while beat one is called the ‘downbeat’) and usually features a snare, clap or similar. Getting the backbeat right can really enhance the character and groove of a good beat, but so many people fail to maximise the potent...

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How To Make Your Kicks Cut Through the Mix!


KickDrum The kick drum is arguably the most important part of a dance music track. Whether it’s a chunky house thump or a breaksy jungle affair, the kick needs to fulfil several functions – from providing the low-end weight to grounding the pulse of the track and being audible on laptop speakers. It can take a lot of work to get right. So read on, as we take a look over the essential tactics in...

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