Making it big online

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Doing it For The Exposure… Do’s & Don’ts!


lonely dj ‘It’s good exposure’. The single most horrible phrase in the music industry. It’s the one people use when they’ve just asked you to spend thirty or forty hours working on a remix for no cash, or to trek down to London, DJ at their club night and then get the first train home in the morning, all without the promise of even the train fare. Nightmare, right? Well, itR...

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Get The Web To Work For You!


coverweb Last week, we brought you the first part of this look at how artists and musicians can manage their web presence to be as effective as possible. There are a whole wealth of services out there to use – many of them for free. But once you’re signed up, up how can you ensure that they serve your needs as well as possible, without eating into that precious music-making time? There’s...

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Get Your Music Stuck in The Web!


plsoundcloud For some of us, it doesn’t seem long since the cutting edge of musician’s web promotion consisted largely of starting up a Myspace page, chucking a couple of tracks on there, and then furiously adding friends. It’s moved on a lot since those heady days; the options available to the average producer or musician now are dizzying. But what’s the best way of keeping on top of ...

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Get Your Music Heard!


demotape We’ve said on this blog plenty of times that you need to be getting your sounds out there as much as possible – sending your tracks and mixes to blogs, labels, DJ’s that may play them out, and so on. But we’ve not spent much time delving into what you should actually say in these mails. And it makes a big impact – sending the wrong email is no better than sending not...

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Video basics for online musicians


So you’ve got your youtube account, directed your fans towards the subscribe button and you’re all ready to take on the ‘net in terms of video goodness. But where do you begin when you want to make quality content? Here are 5 useful tips to help you keep your viewers engaged and maximise your quality on a budget! 1. HD or not HD? When you’ve been slacking off from writing ...

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PRS For Music – Are you maximizing your musical income?


Have you ever had your music played on radio or TV? Or have you ever performed an original piece of music live? Then chances are you could be collecting some money from it. What is PRS for Music? PRS is the Performing Rights Society. It is a business that pays out royalties for any public performance of music, whether it’s live or recorded, and from radio and television broadcasts and onlin...

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