Mastering Guide

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The Physical Limits Of Sound


stereo The physical nature of sound is something that we don’t really consider too often. And that’s not surprising when you think about it – if you’re using a virtual analogue synth in a DAW, there is no ‘physical’ to speak of. It’s just fun; turn the dials, you can’t really go wrong with it. And anyway, the physics of sound is a dry and technical subject. But...

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Which Mastering Plug-ins?


eq-lge_large There’s a whole host of plug-ins that are tailor-made for mastering these days, and you see a lot of debate around who uses what, and why. Which ones are the best? Multi-band compression or no? Should you even be mastering your own stuff anyway? Let’s go into a little depth on this one… The first thing to address is probably the ‘self-mastering’ question. In general, ...

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Mastering Made Easy in Logic Pro!


logic1 In this tutorial we will show you a simple method of how to master in Logic. There are many different ways of mastering a track, sometimes using very expensive plugins and outboard equipment, but we will show you a simple, effective method, which you can tailor to suit your track’s individual needs. Mastering is the final process of creating your track, and the aim is to get it sounding as loud ...

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How To: Pre-master Your Tracks!


mixing-mastering-studio At some point in many budding producers’ careers, they’ll want to get one of their tracks or remixes mastered. Whether that’s because it’s just been signed, or for their own enjoyment, they’ll then need to come up with what is commonly known as a ‘pre-master’. This is an outwardly simple task, but it can fill people with apprehension, or simply confusion &...

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Lessons in Compression Part 1


The compressor. Possibly one of the most mystical, misunderstood, and yet even simplest tools in the producer’s arsenal. It has the power to improve or ruin any mix. Can you be sure you know when to draw for it? Join us for a quick tour of how, why, and when to use a compressor… Although a compressor is a simple tool – Let’s be honest here, it’s essentially just an a...

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Will Mastering Save Your Tracks?


master1 You’ve written your track, mixed it down, compressed, bussed and EQ’d until you’re sure you can’t take it any further – but it still doesn’t sound quite right. In fact, it sounds slightly like a dustbin falling down the stairs. But they’ll fix all that in mastering. Won’t they? There seems to be a common and increasing, misconception about what mast...

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