Vocal Recording Techniques

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How to: Use Auto-Tune!


ATEvo_Auto_sm Auto-tune has been around for a while now, and has been a useful tool in many producers’ arsenals since the 1990s. But thanks to people like Cher, and latterly T-Pain, it’s been getting a reputation as a plugin that’s for commercial RnB and dancehall only. It certainly sounds pretty distinctive when pushed hard like that – but it can also gently iron out imperfections, and eve...

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Guide to Vocal Production – Vol 3


Advanced vocal tracking Now that you and the singer are best friends and have cut some vocal tracks together that you are really happy with, now comes a part that largely relies on your ability to get creative, your musicality and your knowledge of the style you are producing.   Layering vocal harmonies, double and triple tracking, “ohh’s” and “ahh’s” that create textural vocal p...

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Guide to Vocal Production – Vol 2


    By now you’ve setup your favourite mic, cut your tracks together like a pro, set your gain levels on your preamp, balanced the headphone mix, and now all that is left is to hit record and let the magic happen, sounds easy right…? Unfortunately no.   Singers are a peculiar kind of creature, and without a doubt you will encounter one at some stage, and their many differen...

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Guide to Vocal Production – Vol 1


Vocal production is a subject with vast amounts of learning possibilities, and is one of the most important parts of music production. In this short series I will attempt to cover some basics and more advanced techniques that will hopefully help you to achieve a polished, professional and well-blended vocal sound. Tracking When tracking vocals it is important to try and record in the most quiet an...

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Give Your Voice Some Room!


Singing_In_studio1 One step that many producers are keen to take at some point in their career is to work with a vocalist. It’s something that can give tracks an extra edge, something that can add a catchy or memorable hook, and may even provide a touch more commercial potential. But writing tracks for vocalists can be very different from writing instrumentals. So what are the things you should look out for? R...

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Make Your Beats More Vocal!


woman_singing_studio Vocals in dance music often polarise people – it’s easy to see them as being only for the funky house cheese brigade, or the underground grime crews, which could mean waiting 4 hours for a late MC to turn up with his dodgy mates and make your studio smell of weed. But there’s actually a lot of variety between the territory of full vocals and hardcore instrumentals. So lets take ...

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