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Modulation – How To Use Phase, Chorus, Flangers And More (And What The Difference Is)


a Some of the most basic effects that come with any modern DAW these days, after the simple tools of EQ and compression, are those that modulate the sound. They’re simple in principle, but can be very effective tools to create effects both subtle and dramatic. They have some key differences however, and we’re going to go into a little depth on how they work, when you should use each one ...

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Buss Compression, A Little Deeper – What, Why, and How!?


compo Once you reach a certain stage in your learning about music production, you’ll probably come across the concept of Buss Compression (or Mix Compression). You may start to wonder what it’s all about – after all, most of us already use compression in our mix. Is this a whole new thing? With certain types of compressors especially for the job? How do you do it, and which compressors sho...

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How to Make Breakdowns, Fills and Build-Ups!


handsair One of the great things about music production is that there are always multiple methods of achieving what you want to do. There’s no particular right or wrong, so long as it sounds good. So today we’re going to look into alternative ways of building and breaking down tunes using plugins instead of adding extra sounds! Read on and get some hands in the air… Many people like to wr...

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Classic Tracks: Scary Monsters And Nice Sprites


skrill It’s time once again to have a delve into a classic track and see what makes it tick. It’s an important way of learning about music – by analysing a successful track we can start to see what’s so good about it, what the different elements and techniques are that makes it work so well, and hopefully how we can use some of those techniques in our own work. So this week, we’...

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Let Prime Loops Help You Make Better Music – Part 2


Inspiration-After-Open-Heart-Surgery2 (1) Last week we detailed a few ways in which you can use our sample packs to help you get started with music. Not simply by taking some loops and calling that a finished tune, but to learn more about music, about production, and about where you want to take your sound. They’re a great tool to help novice producers get a foot on the ladder of how to create and engineer music, as well as providin...

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Save Big with a Bundle Deal!


Dubstep Deal Have you got folders full of useless samples? Fill your library with sounds to suite your production style. Get a huge collection of samples specific to your chosen genre at a massively reduced price, with one of our Sample Pack bundle deals. We’ve spared no expense putting together these genre defining, cash saving bundles of joy! Each bundle deal comes with no less than six genre specific...

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