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Live Dance Music – Essential New Hardware


akai mpc studio Live performance in dance music has become a real boom industry over the last few years. Although Deadmau5 may have claimed that ‘we all press play’, there are thousands of performers around the world that would beg to differ. And it’s becoming more important every day, with the proliferation of producers and DJs meaning that it’s ever harder to set yourself apart. So live ...

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So You Think Your Track Is Finished?


stereo We all know how exciting it is when you come to the end of the writing process and you’ve finally got a shiny new beat coming together. You just want to get it on Soundcloud and start firing it off to all the labels, ready to kickstart your new career as a superstar. But have you made sure everything is taken care of? It’s easy to forget some essential touches when you’re still b...

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Classic Tracks: Hard Drive – Deep Inside


HardDrive1 It’s time for another look at a classic tune to figure out what makes it tick. This week we’re diving straight into the zeitgeist with some classic house music. Right about now, it’s almost impossible to escape the influence of those classic 1990′s swinging house tracks – from Bicep to Ejeca and Detroit Swindle, everybody is channelling the spirit of New York house and ga...

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The Sound Of Sinden


SINDEN-LOGO-COLOR-MEDIUM Earlier this year, we released a sample pack by one of the most innovative and up-to-the-minute producers in dance music, Sinden. It’s titled ‘The Sound Of Sinden‘, and it features over 290MB of bass, drum, synth and FX. Let’s take a closer look…. If you don’t know who Sinden is then we’d politely suggest you haven’t really been paying attention. But...

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How To: Avoid Phase Issues!


phase_l You’ve probably heard about ‘phase’ in some musical context or other. Whether it’s using a phaser effect on your pad sounds to give them a bit of movement, or that strange and mythical beast called a ‘linear phase EQ’, phase can be complicated area that can really cause problems. So how can you avoid them? First, we need to know what ‘phase’ is: it&#...

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Beats in the Sun – Origins of Reggaeton


Panama-Puerto-Rico It looks like summer has finally arrived here, and our thoughts turn to Caribbean music as usual – the sun-kissed charms of reggae, soca and dancehall. But there’s another flavour out there which has been getting a lot of attention lately – Reggaeton. So since this week also sees the release of Prime Loops’ new sample pack Reggaeton Heatwave, we thought we’d take a look in mo...

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