Ableton 10 Ambient Presets [Ableton Live Racks]

Cycles & Spots deliver a selection of 65 Ambient Presets for Ableton Live 10, including basses, chords, arpeggios and more, perfect for Ambient and Chillout productions.

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  • Ableton Live Pack

Ableton Live Racks

Cycles & Spots crafted 65 presets for Ambient productions in Ableton Live Suite 10. 

Most of them are based on Live´s new Wavetable synth and effects. 

All are ready to use and also easily tweakable via the given macro knobs. 

You´ll get evolving pads, rhythmic arps & sequences, sounds made for chords, universal ones for rich main melodies, bass and effects – all extremely wide in the stereo field. 

These let you create Ambient songs in no time. 

Download contains:

65 x Instrument Racks For Ableton Live 10 

10 x Arpeggios 
8 x Bass 
9 x For Chords 
10 x Effects 
12 x Pads 
9 x Sequences 
7 x Universal

Ableton Live 10 Format

808KB (Unzipped)

Please Note: Ableton Live Suite v10.0.1 or higher is required