Abstrakt Atmospheric HipHop

5 Atmospheric Hip Hop construction kits featuring Drum Loops, Vocal Loops, Bassline Loops, Chord Loops, Guitar Loops, FX Loops and more!

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  • WAV & MIDI

Hip Hop Samples

Samplestar are very proud to present Abstrakt Atmospheric Hip Hop! 

Slo-mo vintage hip hop grooves meet with modern production elements in this smooth blend of retro meets new. Each and every loop has been passed through our immaculate Revox B77 MKII for real warmth and depth. 

Some of the gear used in the making of Abstrakt Atmospheric Hip Hop includes: 

Akai AX80, Arp Quadra, Arp Axxe, Kawai 100f, Korg Polysix, Korg Trident, Oberheim Matrix6, Oberheim SEM Pro, Roland Juno 6 & 106, Roland Jupiter 6, Roland RS09, Seil Cruise, Sequential Circuits Pro One, Teisco S100 plus lots more! For the full list please see the “About” page on samplestar.com 

Inside each key labelled kit, you will find all content neatly arranged into individual track stems ready to drag and drop into your chosen DAW. 

From here, go as deep as you like by editing the stems and midi in order to create your own unique compositions. 

All content has been carefully mixed and eq’d for optimum sonic balance while allowing plenty of extra headroom for further processing and also final mastering stages. 

What's in the pack? 

• Full Song Starter Inspiration Kits> 5 huge key labelled track starter kits of combined Drums, Bass, Synth, Melodics & Vocals broken out into individual professionally mixed and mastered wav stems (Includes full MIDI files for all melodic content). 

• Each individual production kit comes complete with isolated Kick, Top & Full Drum Loops, Vocal Loops, Bassline Loops, Chord Loops, Guitar Loops, FX Loops & Lead Synth Loops all neatly organized & named with key, tempo and instrument info. 

• Lofi Synth & Music Loops > 10 Creamy blissful chord progressions with authentic tape saturation. (Includes full MIDI files) 

• Bass Loops > 10 deep and low baselines featuring dirty 808 subs and huge synth drivers. (Includes full MIDI files) 

• Lofi Drum Loops> 30 broken out dusty, crispy vinyl style lofi drum loops. 

Download contains:

5 x Full Inspiration Kits
134 x Total Files
10 x Lofi Synth & Music Loops
10 x Bass Loops
30 x Lofi Drum Loops 

 24Bit 44.1kHz WAV and MIDI Formats


100% Royalty Free

256MB (Unzipped)