Acid From Mars

Containing 824MB of fully mapped, multi-sampled TB303 Ableton 9 Simpler, Logic EXS24 or NI Kontakt patches, loops recorded to tape and samples all with that gritty hardware sound unique to this machine!

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  • Kontakt
  • Logic
  • Ableton Live Pack

Acid From Mars

The Original TB-303 Transformed Through Tubes & Tape 

The goal of this project was to record the TB-303 better and more creatively than anybody else has. To provide devastating acid patches, but also to use the 303's waveforms as a basis for completely re-imagining and expanding upon this awesome sound.

You'll get square and saw wave acid bass warmed by tubes and enriched with harmonic distortion, spacey organs, dreamy polyphony, subs fatter than the actual 303 and weirdo FX. Everything has been fully mapped with intricate FX processing - parallel reverbs, pitch shifting delays and more. And it's all integrated seamlessly with Ableton Push or any midi controller.

The Raw TB-303 Tape Loops Will Give You the Most Authentic Sound

While the Ableton synths will give you the greatest options compositionally and creatively, you'll get closest to the actual 303 experience with the tape loops.

We intricately programmed the 303 and recorded 45 filter modulating grooves, hitting a reel to reel tape machine, vintage space echo, and the REDDI (the greatest tube bass DI of all time?). Plus, you get 16 gritty hardware drum sounds created with the SP-1200 and MPC 4000 (also recorded to tape).

Download contains:

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Ableton Live Contents

  • 25x Fully Mapped, Multi-Sampled TB303 Ableton Simpler Patches
  • 15x Midi / Simpler Loops fully mapped and ready to be re-arranged
  • 45x Royalty Free TB-303 Loops Recorded to Tape at 120 bpm X C Minor
  • Drum Rack containing 16x SP-1200 & MPC4000 Tape Drum Samples


  • Ableton Live 9.5 (Not Intro)
  • 608 MB Free HD Space

Kontakt 5 Contents

  • 44 TB303 Synth Instruments
  • 16 Beat Machine Acid Loops with drag and drop Midi to Host
  • 1 16x Hit Acid Drum Kit featuring SP-1200 & MPC4000 Tape Drum Samples


  • Kontakt 5+ (Kontakt Player Will Not Work)
  • 745 MB Free HD Space

Logic EXS24 Contents

  • 22 TB303 EXS Synth Instruments
  • 14 Midi / EXS Acid Loops Ready for Re-Arranging
  • 1 16x Hit Acid Drum Kit featuring SP-1200 & MPC4000 Tape Drum Samples
  • 38 Royalty Free 24bit TB-303 Audio Loops


  • Logic 9+
  • 453 MB Free HD Space