FL Studio Dubstep project! This intricately produced Dubstep project is ready to be remixed and reworked, also featuring 15 of the most toxic presets for Harmor.
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Welcome to the post apocalyptic side of Black Octopus Sound. Brought to you by Ova9000 this package is a brilliant combination of 15 of the most toxic sounding Harmor bass patches yet. Complimented by a complex and intricate FL Studio project file ready for dissection and remixing into your own royalty free commercial productions. If you ever wanted to capture the sound of transformers battling mutant riding robot ghosts, well then this pack is probably for you.

The Harmor presets aren't your typical detuned saw wave patch we've all seen a million times. Instead you get utilization of complex wavetables, custom filter shapes, XY modulations, and more.

*Please note that you will need to own FL Studio to use this template pack and Harmor patches



Download contains:

1 x FL Studio Dubstep Template

15 x Harmor presets (11 x Bass, 1 x Lead, 3 x Pads)