Analog Artistry

This Analog pack contains Pads, Arps, Bass and Drums, layered up with a true gritty, analog sound, prepped to be as versatile as possible!

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Analog Samples

Welcome to Analog Artistry by Erik Jackson

Analog Artistry was created with a beat maker in mind. Analog Artistry was recorded in C Minor at 90 BPM. Every sound in this kit will work perfectly together, giving you thousands of musical options.

Analog Artistry is broken down into these categories:

  •  Arps - All of the arps were created by syncing 3 Moog synthesizers to the Moog Mother 32. The Mother sequenced and processed the 3 Moogs together perfectly. They are very dynamic and will fit great in your song.
  • Bass - The bass was recorded as sweeps, meaning you are getting much more than a simple loop. These are over 30 seconds of analog bass, filtered and processed to give you the best sampling options. You can easily sample multiple portions of the same bass with different phases of analog processing.
  • Pads - The pads were another multi analog synth creation. The Moog Sub Phatty and the Roland SH101 were fed to the Moog Mother 32. The Mother added a single LFO and processing the different oscillators together for a moving and ambient pad, full of analog vibes.
  • Drums - All of the drums were recorded from the Elektron Analog Rytm 8. All of the drums were recorded into the MPC 3000, layered and recorded to analog tape. They were recorded as one shots. 47 heavy hitting one shots inside…beware of heavy rumbles!

Analog Artistry is a complete analog sample pack. No plug-ins was used in the creation of this pack.

The demo was recorded in real time using an MPC 2500. Low bass warning. Use headphones if not on a proper system.

Bob Moog and Redman vocals are for demo purposes only. Everything else in the demo is included in the sample packs.

Download contains:

21 x Arps (20-30s phrases)
20 x Bass sweeps (sustained notes)
21 x Pads (20-30s phrases)

14 x Hi Hat one-shots
14 x Kick one-shots
14 x Snare one-shots

24 Bit WAV Format

684MB (Unzipped)

Note: Files are not key/bpm labelled