Analog Chords 3

Third pack to this series contains a heavy selection of Analog infused Chord one-shots and loops, plus a selection of Ableton Racks and Ableton projects!

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House Samples

An extremely rare and underrated synth, 1987 built Casio HT-6000 has the specs of legendary analog synths: 8 voice polyphony, 4 oscillators, 64 different waveforms, resonant analogue filter, analogue chorus, ring modulation, white noise, multitimbrality and the list could go on. Unfortunately, being poorly marketed as just another Casio humdrum home-keyboard has made it slip through the cracks.

Its sonic palette is highly versatile, from accurately replicating pianos, harps, vibraphones, Rhodes or tonewheel organs to creating very particular timbres, the HT-6000 is brimming with warmth and character, and has been a studio favorite since day one.

There are 20 folders, each pertaining to a unique timbre, containing up to 50 chord variations. We've expanded the minor/major dichotomy present in our previous Analog Chords releases to include 9th,11th,13th variations, dominant and diminished chords, jazz voicings, impressionists-inspired stacked fourths, fifths, and sixths, plus many out-of-the-box key combinations.

The one-shots are also neatly organized into 20 Ableton racks, for quick and easy access to mapped macros for volume ADSR, Filter and Glue. These racks can be very handy and can be expanded to your liking, by creative use of transposition, warping, stretching and looping.

You will also discover a total of 39 Ableton projects, and their respective WAV renderings, created only with the above-mentioned one-shots, employing various sample manipulation techniques to created moods varying from smooth deep house, to melancholic chillout, all the way up to jacking techno or Chicago footwork.




Download contains:

580 x Total Files
541 x One shots
39 x Loops