ARTFX - Neuro Bass Patches [Serum Presets]

This pack of Serum Patches from ARTFX contains 25 Neuro Bass presets as well as 30 waveform and wavetable samples to help build your own patches!
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Serum Patches

Have you ever tried making genres such as Neurofunk, Drum & Bass, Glitchhop or Neurohop and failed miserably? Keep reading because this pack is filled with stuff that’ll get you going! In this release you will find 25 carefully crafted presets for the new softsynth Serum by Xfer Records, the presets are ready to use in any production and come with macro controls for easy automation. With these you can get those heavy processed basslines within a minute, no need to fiddle around with knobs and sliders for hours… Just load up a patch, tweak it a bit and you’re ready to go!

The great thing about these patches is that when used with even more processing, you can get hundreds of new basslines out of just these 25 patches. You could resample these to get twisting effects, or throw them in a sampler and twist them up there. The possibilities are endless and the only thing limiting you is your own imagination. Another great thing about these patches is that they are fully customizable and you could even reverse engineer them to find out how they were made.

Finally in the pack there is also a folder with 30 waveform and wavetable samples, these are the ones used to create the patches plus some new ones. With these you can go even further and create your own patches in no time!

Download contains:

25 x Xfer Serum Presets
30 x Waveform and wavetable samples

Serum and WAV Formats

12.1MB (Unzipped)