Atmosphere - Downtempo Electronica

This new pack from Origin Sound contains a selection of organic instruments warped into a new lease of life, shimmering analogue synths, creative drum loops and much more!

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  • WAV & MIDI

Atmosphere - Downtempo Electronica

Step into Atmosphere and you will find detailed drum loops, peppered with delicate ghost notes and organic feel, providing a solid foundation for your productions. All drums loops have been exported as separate stems providing you with the ability to interchange the various rhythms offered to craft your own unique beat. For those who truly want to let loose creatively, Atmosphere presents 225 individual drum hits ranging from live cymbals to punchy kicks and snappy snares, prepped and ready for loading into a sequencer to be crafted at your leisure.

To accompany the foundation of the pack, Atmosphere hosts an array of musical elements, from dark driven chord progressions, delicate ambient melodies, through to thick analogue basslines. All of which are titled to match their counterparts for a smooth creative process when building layers in your productions. For those who like to take their creativity to the next level, MIDI files have been provided to enable simple interchangeability with your own favourite sounds, putting your own sonic signature on your productions.

For the final dusting of detail on your track, Atmosphere contains a selection of unique SFX from rhythmic percussion risers, warped piano hits, through to reverbed vocal impact hits, helping smooth out transitions in your arrangements, or even adding character to a repeating phrases, there is something for everyone.

Atmosphere is a library that provides a wealth of timbres and an emotional sonic environment throughout, allowing you to craft your own detailed productions with ease.

Download contains:

167 x Total Loops 
260 x One shots
61 x MIDI Files
225 x Drum hits
30 x Drum loops 
15 x Percussion loops
20 x Bass loops
21 x Chord loops
21 x Melody loops
20 x Musical one shots
15 x SFX

24 BIt WAV and MIDI Formats


686MB (Unzipped)