Library 001: Atmospheres

Prime Loops Exclusive - Library 001: Atmospheres is a new concept pack from Erik Jackson, delivering unique vintage atmospheres and synth sequences to give your productions an extra edge.

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Library 001: Atmospheres


Introducing a new concept pack from Erik Jackson.

Library 001: Atmospheres, was created in the vein of the classic Library Music Records. Countless samples have been pulled from this line of vintage rarities.

As a record collector, Erik has purchased countless Library Music records, studied their style and sound and decided to sit down with 3 vintage synthesizers and create a library of Vintage Electronic Atmospheres for you to implement into your own production.

With over 40 hours of production time and count less sync issues, the project is now complete, recorded to a vintage cassette recorder (with flutter) and ready for you to use. All recorded in C Minor, so all the samples in the pack will work with each other.

Enjoy the soulful cry of these vintage synths and the space of the Roland Echo and Reverb, in this one of a kind sample pack.

Gear used in a creation of this pack:

Yamaha CS80

Roland SH101

Roland Juno 106

Roland Space Echo RE201

Eventide Space Reverb

Tascam 112 Cassette Recorder

Download contains:

64 x Total Files (short recordings 15-25s)

Types of sounds:

16 x Arps

16 x Pads

16 x Bass Lines

16 x Sequences

All samples at C minor

24bit 48kHz WAV

Note: The sounds come from analogue domain hence there is no BPM labelling

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