Aylene – New Wave Trap Vocals

Aylene – New Wave Trap Vocals provides no less than 17 full vocal acapellas, ranging between heavy-auto-tuned singing and rapping in both dry and wet versions.

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Trap Vocal Samples

This expansive pack is enough for any artist to make full albums with, because with 17 vocal acapellas to choose from your entire ep can have the same vibe and sound. ‘Aylene – New Wave Trap Vocals’ provides clean hooks, auto-tuned verses, additional harmonies, and adlibs to give you enough playroom to turn any beat into the straight fire!

The recordings in this pack range from 83 to 168 bpm and are 100% royalty-free, so you can insert these vocals in your commercial productions without future costs. This innovative vocal collection covers everything you need to turn your track beats into trap hits with a female lead. ‘Aylene – New Wave Trap Vocals’ is your ticket to the charts! Grab this pack NOW!

Download contains:

218 x Vocal Loops

24 BIt WAV Format
100% Royalty-Free


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