Bleep Machine

Mind-bending Selection of over 100 authentic Classic Synth FX Sounds, such as analogue Bleeps, Clongs, Swells, LFO FX, Reverses and more!
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Bleep Machine

Greetings earthlings, you are about to be destroyed: Once again Prime Loops have teamed up with Dmitry Vasilyev, and this time they're going to pulverise you with their laser beams! For the first time on Prime Loops, we bring you an analogue synth armoury completely dedicated to bleeps, bloops and things that go bweeeeeooooooee...

Inspired by the golden era of the BBC Radiophonic Workshop, this experimental array of electronic pulses and glitches has been recorded exclusively with classic analogue synths: the Roland Juno 106, Roland MKS-30, the Korg Monopoly and the Polyvox. This cosmic collection draws inspiration from sixties sci-fi spookiness and eighties acid attacks, spread across seven categories including "Zap FX", "LFO FX", "Percussion FX" and a fine assortment of FX loops all 24-bit audio with tempos ranging from 80-140Bpm.

From far beyond the limits of nostalgia, we bring you seriously modern sonic weapons recorded and refined with the latest technology, pre-formatted for drag-and-drop simplicity in contemporary productions. Suitable for anything from abstract ambient atmospheres to jump-up dancefloor craziness, the "Bleep Machine" can be deployed in all known electronic music genres, including reggae, electro, breaks, dubstep, drum & bass, dancehall, acid, techno and hiphop.

Hours of tweaking and tuning have gone into the blueprints for this apparatus, not to mention the damage to Dmitry's lab. Several droids melted during testing, but after successfully completing our final inspection we are ready to share the secret.

Now it's your turn to dominate the planet with the awesome power of the "Bleep Machine". Have a great trip!



"A bargain collection of analogue-sounding bleeps, zaps and glitches suitable for many music styles.

Many analogue synths possess the enviable ability to cut right through a mix, and this is true of all the samples on offer here. From scratchy synth zaps and tight analogue drum hits to moving LFO, noise and reverse effects that sound something like robots breaking down, what this pack lacks in subtlety is made up for in the clarity of the sounds.

It's a well-programmed collection of very useable electronic FX that would be perfect for any genre of club music."


Download contains:

15 x Blaster FX Loops

11 x Blaster FX Hits

14 x Mod Hits

21 x LFO Hits

18 x Noise Hits

25 x Percussion Hits

11 x Zap Hits

24 Bit Quality

Total Size: 90MB