10 Tips On Making: Electronica With Cepasa

CEPASA is a ukranian producer/composer creating really unique deep and downtempo electronica as well as bass-oriented tracks. Pavel Lenchenko (Cepasa) released his debut album “Doing Right” and continued to make his name as a producer with something different.

Over the last 2 years Cepasa has presented 3 music videos and shared stages with Darkside, Gus Gus, Telepopmusik and others in Kiev. In October 2014, Cepasa released his second album 'Nove’, which uncovered even deeper shades of his music. Cepasa performs live with his own vocals, using multiple electronic devices, pushing his sets from 90 right through to 180 BPM. Lets get started...

Hi Cepasa. Thanks for taking the time to talk with u today. Before we get into the main 10 tips, lets get to know you a little better first... Who are some of your favorite artists you've enjoyed working with or remixed?

Thanks for having me! That would have to be The Timewriter, Compuphonic and  Alex Kid

Who are your 5 favorite most influential producers of all time? 

Easy! Underworld, Jean F. Cochois, Nicolas Jaar, Matthew Dear, Daft Punk

Thats quite something to live up to... and if you had to choose - what is your personal favourite song you've produced so far? (Sorry to force you to pick!!)

(He pulls out his phone and plays us this....

That was a real ear opener! Love the transitions too...

1. Cool, let's get started! If you had to describe Electronica, what makes it different from other genres? What are the defining characteristics of Electronica and what do you love about it the most?

Every music genre passes the test of time and now, with modern ultra-quick exchange of information and music, styles are mutating very fast. Sometimes it is difficult even for the skilfull music editors to follow all these changes. So for those who don't actually want to take part in the race to modern sound and at the same time keep true to what they believe, there is a way out - Electronica.

With that music style your original idea and your musical message come first. In music I mostly appreciate its depth, melody, hypnotism, originality, sound quality and of course how honest the music is and how much it forces you to dance. All these things together should create a kind of magic, so for me Electronica is the music of miracles.

2. For those starting out making Electronica, what will they need? What do you use most?

My usual advice for beginners is to write 20-30 tracks without focusing on the quality very much. Let it be a game. In that way you will already become a producer, perhaps not a very good one, but you wouldn't expect creating something genius from the get go. After that you can learn the mastery of creating something unique. There are many youtube-lessons of equalizing, working with drums, bass, mixing.

After practicing these skills you'll face a lot of new opportunities, and after 30 tracks written you'll know where and how they can be used. Mainly I use the computer for making music, the analog instruments are only 20% of my tracks. A large number of beginners want to start writing music using only analog instruments without understanding the arrangement's creation. I recommend to begin with a computer. Then you can use analog instruments as you become more advanced.

3. What are the most important things to remember when making Electronica? What should you do lots of? What should you avoid?

Do not forget that you're writing music (not tracks, demos, half-finished ideas, etc.) and it must be beautiful. You should keep experimenting but avoid over-production. Sometimes it is enough to leave only 3 sounds together and your track turns to be perfect.

 4. Can you share a cool production tip that you use that is really useful for making Electronica ?

Ideally your final mixdown (without any effects) should sound as an already sound great. For this I recommend to use high-quality sounds and good synthesizers. Also remember about equalizing, it demands a lot of your attention, get good at at. And one more thing - try to make each sound evolve, by volume for example, you'll see - it will make your track come alive.

5. If Electronica was an animal, what animal would it be and why?

Elecronica must be a dolphin. I always liked the way they interact with people and nature. Intelligent and cute - yes, dolphins are Electronica :)

6. Who do you think are the 3 biggest artists in Electronica and why?

I really like the straight-kick electronica by DJ Koze, the slow-beat electronica by Synkro and Boards of Canada, and the live-melodic electronica by Bonobo. All of them make music with a capital M.

7. If you had to pick one of your favourite Electronica songs, what would it be? What do you think makes it such a great song?

It would be the track The Timewriter - The Soul Redrive (Instrumental Version). More than 12 years have passed since it's release, but it is still sounds amazing. It contains everything that I like in music - magic, depth, melody, hypnotism, originality and quality of sound.


8. When your finalizing a Electronica track, how do you know when its finished?

Before finalizing I always listen to the track from the beginning to the end and make notes of every area that I must repair. And I do it again and again, step by step, until I feel perfect.

9. What other types of music inspire you to make Electronica?

Very different music. I like deep house, future garage and also liquid d’n’b and techno. A lot of space in my playlist is taken by vocal music also.

10. What have you seen change over the years with Electronica, what are the current trends and what do you think is next for Electronica?

Recently it became cool to add live instruments to Electronica and I like it. I think many deep house musicians will start writing straight-kick Electronica too.

And finally, do you have any further comments for all the producers out there?

Clear your mind of doubts and start writing music. Try to make the process fun and easy. Devote lots of time to it. If your track isn't at least 95% done - avoid showing it to your friends, cause' their suggestions can put you to the other side of it. Broadly speaking do not take others' opinions too much to heart.

First of all, this is your music and the main thing is that you personally like it. Don't forget to constantly aspire to raise the level of your skills, and quality of sound. Write music with passion. Do not copy anyone, you already have everything by nature.

Cepasa's Debut Sample pack is available now at on Prime Loops' Future Koncept label and can be downloaded here

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