Black Lives: How To Self Educate & Support

Prime Loops is a Black and Asian run business.

We believe in peace, not chaos.

Music from black communities has shaped our lives. Hip Hop, Soul, Reggae, R&B, Dancehall, Dub, Jazz, Blues, Rock, Drum & Bass, Dubstep, UK Grime, Garage, the list goes on.

Commercial music is dominated by genres from black communities and we owe our careers to these black pioneers.

Prime Loops is a truly multi-ethnicity, predominantly Black and Asian company. A rarity in the music industry. We are proud of and celebrate, our diversity. We want to offer our support to the black community.

Join us in putting our egos aside, engaging our ears, opening our hearts, and gaining knowledge.

We’ve compiled a list of resources where you can offer your support, educate yourself, get involved, donate, sign petitions and more.

We are also operating a number of fundraising campaigns for carefully selected local black justice/diverse music charities in London, and making donations of sales.


Anti-Racism Resources

Extensive Black Lives Matter Learning Resources

Get immersed in Black Literature

A Letter To My White Friends

Watch Movies on the Key Issues

Your Kids Aren’t Too Young to Talk About Race


The single most important thing you can do as an individual is to get out there and vote. Don’t miss the opportunity to have your say!

UK -



Tips for protesters

For information on upcoming protests follow:

London - BLMLDN
USA - Black Lives Matter Twitter

Charities and Funds

Black Lives Matter

Black Lives Matter UK

56 Black Men

Stephen Laurence Charitable Trust

The Discrimination Law Association

Stand Against Racism and Inequality 

Stop Hate UK

Show Racism the Red Card

Runny Mede

The Bail Project

The Liberty Fund

Donate to Mutual Aid

Donate with No Money

Support Local UK Black Owned Businesses


It's Black Owned

UK Black Owned

The Black Superstore

Black In Business

Black Business Directory

Mane Hook Up

Shops Noir

Black 2 Business

Black Pages UK

Support Black Owned Record Labels

Jamla Records

Brainfeeder Records

Boy Better Know

Circadian Rhythms

Deep Medi

I Am Grime

MIC - Music Inspires Change

Naplew Music

Some Otha Ship

Sweet Boy Records


An ongoing list of curated petitions

Justice For George Floyd

Raise the Degree (remove bail for Derek Chauvin) 

Arrest The Other Three

Justice For Breonna

Justice for Ahmaud Arbery 

If you live don’t live in the USA and cannot sign petitions without an American postal code feel free to use any of these:

90015 - Los Angeles, California

10001 - New York City, New York

75001 - Dallas, Texas

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