Pioneering Producers: Giorgio Moroder

Oh yes, this guy is a pioneering synth legend... for those of you who havent heard of Giorgio Moroder – You're about to, as we take you on a synth-fuelled, vintage-retro journey into the realm of oscillated sounds, and beyond!

Born in Italy, Giovanni Giorgio Moroder is a highly celebrated record producer, songwriter, performer, DJ and the list goes on...and on! He is frequently credited with pioneering synth-disco and electronic dance music. Want to know more? Come to find out...

Giorgio's Rise To Success

Before pioneering the music that made a whole generation fall in love with giant mirror-disco-dance-balls... and becoming one of the coolest synth & vocoder overlords (even Darth Vader would be jealous), Giorgio first came to prominence back in 1969 when his recording of Looky Lookywas released on Ariola Records.

It was quickly awarded the coveted gold disc the following October. After this he began making a name for himself in studios across Germany, and those around him could quickly see this tech-whizz-kid was onto something new.

Giorgio went on to compose the soundtrack for American-British prison drama club movie Midnight Expresswhich came out in 1978. The soundtrack went on to win the Academy Award for the Best Original Score in 1979, and if you listen to the late night American syndicated radio show Coast to Coast, the theme track Chaseis still used today!

But might Giorgio wasnt finished yet! Oh no! He then founded the infamous Musicland Studios in Munich which was soon blessed frequently by mammoth artists of the classic era such as; Led Zeppelin, Queen, Elton John and Electric Light Orchestra all of whom left a big impression on Giorgio.

Mr Moroder also worked extensively with Donna Summer during the late 1970s disco era. He produced huge hits such as Bad Girls, Last Dance, Hot Stuffand Love You Baby.

Giorgio Takes On The Noughties

Alongside his trademark moustache, Giorgio came back into the spotlight after making an appearance on Daft Punks 2013 studio album Random Access Memories’. He was also a fan of their classic track One More Time’ which was released years before.

The newer 'Random Access Memories’ album went on to become the biggest electronic album of the year in global terms and its homepage tribute track Giorgio By Moroderis one of the highlights. The track tells the tale of Giorgios life with micro-snippets of his inspirational history throughout.

Until the summer of 2013 Giorgio had never DJ'ed live. He finally gave his US debut at the Red Bull Music Academy in New York City. This was followed by a synthtastic world tour where he played classics from the 1970s alongside some exclusive new remixes. At the grand ripe ol' age of 73 he shows no signs of slowing down, and revealed in a recent interview: Im DJing now, and I lurrrve it. Legend.


5 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Giorgio Moroder

  • The classic theme track to Midnight Express titled ‘The Chase’ was used as a wrestlers entrance theme song.
  • He has worked on a large amount of movie soundtracks as well as Midnight Express including Metropolis, Scarface, Cat People, Electric Dreams, American Gigolo, Flashdance, Top Gun, Racer and The NeverEnding Story.

  • Giorgio recorded Son Of My Fatherwith Chicory Tap in 1972. It was the first pop song ever made using a synthesizer, the big (uncle) Moog.

  • He designed the logo for the Cizeta-Moroder V16T Italian sports car (Yes he had his own car!)

  • His first releases back in 1966 featured him singing in novelty pop songs in Italian, English and German. Quite hilarious!

So there you have it! Lets all play a note for Giorgio who paved the way for synthesis and dance music as we know it today... salute!

Here is a pretty cool tribute video we found which celebrates some of his best productions... enjoy!


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