Top 5 Inspiring Music Marketing Stories

Have you ever seen an advert that's got you thinking "Wow, I actually want to buy that now!"?   Well it's not just clever ads that sell music, it's stories. Here are 5 fascinating tales of clever-clogs musicians that tried something new with their releases.

1. Radiohead

Probably the most popular story in recent memory to hit the music press - Radiohead decided to release their 7th album "In Rainbows" online and ask punters to pay what they wanted.   Essentially making it free if the fan so wished. 1.2 million downloads and an estimated $2-10 million later, Radiohead were reaping the benefits of their decision to go label-less and completely break the mould. So perhaps selling music is a thing of the past? Maybe voluntary donations are the way forwards?

2. Hadouken

The unconventional band Hadouken released their debut mixtape "Not Here to Please You" on a USB stick - completely avoiding the usual CD route, and if that wasn't enough all the tracks are, in true mixtape fashion, merged into each other.   So that's one long file on a USB stick. Fans were polarised as to whether or not it was a good idea, but that encouraged more talk, which is essential for a healthy fanbase - when your fans run out of things to say about you, you're pretty much dead in the water!

3. The Ruskins

I was reminded of these guys from writing about Hadouken - they're known for invading stages, including that of Hadouken as they played main stage of the Beach Break festival. Sometimes the best way to promote your music is to do something a bit rock 'n roll (read: illegal) to get noticed!

4. OK Go

The masters of internet viral videos OK Go have been positively churning them out, racking up around 100 million YouTube views from their collective videos with no end in sight. A one-take dance routine on some running machines turned into internet gold as it racked up over 50 million views over the next 3 years. They just know what people want to watch when it comes to novelty internet sensations. Expect a lol-cat filled music video featuring Tay Zonday and Rick Astley from them in the near future. Their exploits just go to show that even if you aren't Lady Gaga and can't afford a ridiculously high budget film, sometimes it's effort and ideas over money that wins out!

5. Devo

An old band that is re-introducing itself to the world decided to let its fans pick the songs for the album.   Giving them a choice of a number of songs and asking them to decide which they liked best, it's a genius bit of market research combined with a novel concept.

And you can bet your life that the most popular track will be the lead single!

So several different methods with varying degrees of success - what will you do to stand out when you release your music?

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