Mastering Guide

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How To Get Louder With Dynamics


5495275915_f519dcf66d_zpsadb1c414 The field of loudness and dynamics processing in music production is an area of vigorous debate. Everyone loves to weigh in on the famous Loudness War, and on production forums the relative merits of compression, limiting and transients are dissected and argued over long into the night, when producers should probably be working on their own beats. But it’s a difficult and confusing area of ...

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How To Use Multi-Band Compressors In Mixing


1 Multi-band compressors are often considered in music production to be like one of those little devils that sits on your shoulders and gets you into trouble. They offer untold riches – make your mixes punchier! Louder! More dynamic! Yet when many people try to use them, the complexity and steep learning curve see them end up with precisely the opposite of what they wanted. Lots of producers avoi...

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What Are The Physical Limits Of Sound?


stereo The physical nature of sound is something that we don’t really consider too often. And that’s not surprising when you think about it – if you’re using a virtual analogue synth in a DAW, there is no ‘physical’ to speak of. It’s just fun; turn the dials, you can’t really go wrong with it. And anyway, the physics of sound is a dry and technical subject. Bu...

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Which Are The Best Mastering Plugins?


eq-lge_large There’s a whole host of plug-ins that are tailor-made for mastering these days, and you see a lot of debate around who uses what, and why. Which ones are the best? Multi-band compression or no? Should you even be mastering your own stuff anyway? Let’s go into a little depth on this one… The first thing to address is probably the ‘self-mastering’ question. In general,...

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How To Master Your Music in Logic Pro X


logic1 Introduction In this tutorial we will show you a simple method of how to master in Logic. There are many different ways of mastering a track, sometimes using very expensive plugins and outboard equipment, but we will show you a simple, effective method, which you can tailor to suit your track’s individual needs. Mastering is the final process of creating your track, and the aim is to get it sou...

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How To Pre-Master Your Tracks With Confidence


mixing-mastering-studio At some point in many budding producers’ careers, they’ll want to get one of their tracks or remixes mastered. Whether that’s because it’s just been signed, or for their own enjoyment, they’ll then need to come up with what is commonly known as a ‘pre-master’. This is an outwardly simple task, but it can fill people with apprehension, or simply confusion ...

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