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Ultimate Music Industry Tips For 2014


11 We recently attended an industry meet-up where some of the most respected producers, DJs and remixers in the game gave their views on where the industry is at in 2014, and how new producers should approach their careers.  The industry changes so quickly these days that we always need some up-to-date information from the key players.  So what did we learn? Be Original This is always relevant, b...

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The Best Free Production Resources Right Now!


desk It’s not easy learning to be a music producer. There are so many tools, tricks and technologies to learn that it can be hard to know where to start. Fortunately however, the web is full of great sources of free information, software, samples and more. So check out our round-up of how to get started with free stuff, how to use it, and how not to!   Video Tutorials Over the last couple ...

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New Ways On How To Make A Career In Music


jpg Ever since the internet came and turned the entire music industry upside-down, the traditional methods of doing things have started to be usurped by new, media friendly, ‘music 2.0′ kinds of methods. And it’s not just self-releasing via Bandcamp, or Kickstarter that’s taking over record deal advances… Even the traditional ideas of making a demo and attracting the att...

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How To Make The Most Of Creative Partnerships


1 One of the most important aspects in creating music is that of the creative partnership. From Lennon and McCartney to Daft Punk and Pharrell, some of the best work comes when people pool their creative resources and work together. But it’s not always plain sailing. So here are some tips on how you can get the best out of a creative partnership, both in terms of artistic results and improvi...

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Where Is The Best Place To Learn Music Production?


Dubspot_classroom There’s an ever-growing number of places out there where you can learn all about music production – from writing and composition to engineering, mastering, and even how to get ahead in the music industry. They span the whole spectrum, from 3-minute Youtube videos to 3 year university courses. But if you’re thinking of taking the plunge, which one would suit you best? Are those fees...

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4 Ways To Use Your Music Skills In Ways You Didn’t Expect


Stargate Most aspiring music producers have one ideal career path in mind. We all know the drill – write a few great tunes, get them signed to a decent label, pack your dubplates or MIDI controller and head off around the world, collecting money, fame and adulation along the way. Sadly, it’s not quite as easy as that pithy summary would have it. The truth is, that as well as production, engineeri...

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