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How To Get Analogue Synths Synths – Cheap


microbrute-synthesizer-e1382303920851 We’re big fans of all things digital here at Prime Loops. From virtual synths to samplers, audio manglers and classic emulations, there’s pretty much nothing you can’t do with a laptop. But over the last few months, the hardware companies have been striking back with a range of clever and creative analogue hardware, that just urges you to get your hands dirty tweaking dials and ...

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How To Use Converters, Pre-Amps and More


p The range of ways you can upgrade and expand your studio set-up goes far beyond just getting a new synth or more powerful computer. Look at the top-end studios, and they’ll have pre-amps, AD/DA converters and other such trickery worth thousands. But is any of this relevant to someone who’s just trying to write the next club banger in their spare bedroom, and doesn’t really have ...

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Inside The World Of Modular Synthesis


2 Modular synths occupy something of a strange position in the world of music technology. They’re seen both as a classic symbol of yesteryear – a dizzying wall of wires, plugs and dials, probably operated by an older gent in a lab coat – whilst also being held up as the ultimate in synthesis technology. Both of these angles have a grain of truth to them. But do these crazy machines have a...

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How To Become A Professional At Monitoring


monitors Studio monitors are something that many novice producers and gear-heads tend to overlook somewhat. And it’s not hugely surprising – in the general list of exciting kit available, monitors will always be trumped for fun and inspiration by a good analogue synth or a drum machine. But that’s a big mistake – obviously we need good sound sources, but without good monitoring it could al...

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Is There A New Generation Of Sound Manipulation Plugins?


volfram_small In the last few years, strange things have been afoot in the world of plugins and sonic manipulation. As computers have been getting more powerful, tools for live performance have been developed to help take music production out into the open, and plugins have been constantly harnessing new technologies, a whole new world has started to open up. The traditional arsenal of effects is familiar to m...

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How To Build A Music Studio On A Budget


skrillexmakingmusic We’ve talked in the past on this blog about using external hardware, sampling your keyboards, recording found sounds with a microphone, and so on. But the truth is that many novice producers run things entirely off a laptop.  A decent DAW, a headphone output and a pair of solid speakers are really all you need to get started. And that’s a great thing – many careers have been built...

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