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5 Production Techniques That Really Matter


Little Things That Matter in Music Production One of the things that many novice producers forget to take adequate care of is making sure to include all the little details that can be found buried in most released tracks. These little details are usually very subtle, so that you’d barely notice them on their own – but can help give the impression of a full, professional track. Often, an unsigned demo shows that the producer has spent...

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The Producers New Year’s Resolutions for 2014


New Years Resolutions It’s that time again. You haven’t even finished off the last of the Christmas Quality Street, and yet everyone is already at your back telling you to quit smoking, run a marathon before breakfast every morning, maybe build an orphanage or two. Don’t worry though, you won’t be getting any of that here. We’re music producers here too, and we haven’t run a yard si...

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Big Tracks Dissected – Inspector Norse


Terje11-512x512 Every now and then we like to examine a fairly recent track that has attained – or is in the process of attaining – some kind of ‘classic’ status. What can we learn from it? How does it work? Why did it get so popular? In the age of viral sensations, a single big track can turn an almost unknown producer into a global star – just look at Baauer, Joy Orbison or Ben Pearce. So...

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How To Use Multi-Band Compressors In Mixing


1 Multi-band compressors are often considered in music production to be like one of those little devils that sits on your shoulders and gets you into trouble. They offer untold riches – make your mixes punchier! Louder! More dynamic! Yet when many people try to use them, the complexity and steep learning curve see them end up with precisely the opposite of what they wanted. Lots of producers avoi...

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How To Use Converters, Pre-Amps and More


p The range of ways you can upgrade and expand your studio set-up goes far beyond just getting a new synth or more powerful computer. Look at the top-end studios, and they’ll have pre-amps, AD/DA converters and other such trickery worth thousands. But is any of this relevant to someone who’s just trying to write the next club banger in their spare bedroom, and doesn’t really have ...

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Inside The World Of Modular Synthesis


2 Modular synths occupy something of a strange position in the world of music technology. They’re seen both as a classic symbol of yesteryear – a dizzying wall of wires, plugs and dials, probably operated by an older gent in a lab coat – whilst also being held up as the ultimate in synthesis technology. Both of these angles have a grain of truth to them. But do these crazy machines have a...

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