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How To Always Be Inspired & Beat Writers Block


inspiration Although this blog frequently touches on the technical aspects of music production, that’s not the whole story. And while a quality mixdown can help you polish up a new tune, there’s still no substitute for good old fashioned musical inspiration. But what happens when you get stuck for ideas? How do you jump-start your track back into action? Well, here are a few tips that can help yo...

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Classic Tracks: Skream – Midnight Request Line


Skream Time to delve once more into the vault for another look at a classic track, and a chance to take it apart to see how it works. What makes it such a good tune? Why was it successful? How can you try to get some of this magic into your own work? So this week we’re heading back to the early days of dubstep. Not the absolute beginnings, as it morphed out of garage and grime, but the period when...

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Is There A New Generation Of Sound Manipulation Plugins?


volfram_small In the last few years, strange things have been afoot in the world of plugins and sonic manipulation. As computers have been getting more powerful, tools for live performance have been developed to help take music production out into the open, and plugins have been constantly harnessing new technologies, a whole new world has started to open up. The traditional arsenal of effects is familiar to m...

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Exploring Logic Pro X [Review]


LogicProX.175x175-75 Take a deep breath and sit down – the wait is finally over. After four years, numerous updates from its competitors and many, many exasperated posts on Gearslutz, Apple’s Logic X has landed and we here in the Prime Loops ivory tower have taken it upon ourselves to bring you a comprehensive introduction and review. Keen to know what the new features are? Or whether all the fuss has bee...

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How To Master Your Music in Logic Pro X


logic1 Introduction In this tutorial we will show you a simple method of how to master in Logic. There are many different ways of mastering a track, sometimes using very expensive plugins and outboard equipment, but we will show you a simple, effective method, which you can tailor to suit your track’s individual needs. Mastering is the final process of creating your track, and the aim is to get it sou...

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Why Should I Use Sample Packs?


tool-belt-intro-de So, this week we’re still pretty hyped on the release of ‘The Sound Of Sinden‘. So hyped, in fact, that we caught up with him for an interview about his music, his move to LA and of course the pack itself; you can read it in full HERE. But we figured you might also appreciate a few tips on how to use sample packs in your own stuff. So let’s go in with a few helpful hints! ...

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