Calvertron's Bass Asylum

530MB+ of insane Calvertron Bass Power! Featuring electrifying synth loops, relentless drum samples, filthy basslines and much more to add some unique madness into your tracks!
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Calvertron's Bass Asylum

Calvertron's Bass AsylumCrazy for bass? Step in to the asylum for an unhinged hit of low down, highly charged bass frequencies, provided by our host - the madman at the controls - the one and only Calvertron! Calvertron's Bass Asylum will blast your mind with an electrifying current of insane loops and samples provided by this infamously enigmatic producer who's been busy disturbing the airwaves with his own unique brand of Fidget House, Tech House and Dubstep.

Breaking free from any genre restrictions, Calvertron throws out a feral blend of dirty, bass driven vibes that have been causing chaos all around the planet. From '50k' to 'Future Proof', Calvertron's tunes have been met with a raucous reception online, in the club and at his incendiary live sets. We love his sound! SO much that we've (once again) handed the keys to our PL lab to the man with the blueprints!

Things are about to get out of control: Exploding into action with an epic 535MB of 24-bit High Definition samples, Calvertron's Bass Asylum incorporates over 330 individual samples, loops and one-shots so utterly insane that they've been segregated into 7 different folders! From filthy, erratic and even intergalactic bass to relentless beats and flashy fills, a phat collection of kicks, snares and claps and a stellar selection of synths ranging from eccentric to euphoric, there's even a bonus helping of pounding sub-bass.

Slamming onto your DAW via rapid direct download, you can grab your samples straight from the download folder, drag and drop them into any major software and they'll even sync automatically with any mix. Adjusting tempos is even easier! Click the end of the stem when it’s in the project and yank it along for a slower speed or squash it up real small for an even tighter beat.

So what are you waiting for? The Bass Asylum is open - let the craziness begin! Since you've got that wild look in your eyes, we're giving this pack to you 100% royalty free, so discard those sample clearance forms and get down to business to with some deranged bass madness!

The Sound Of Calvertron!

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"Agressive Bass, energetic drums and various interesting melodic ideas on tap for fans of bass musc."




Download contains:

330+ x Samples, loops and one-shots

24-bit High Definition

Total Size: 530MB+