Caponelli - Polaris One

A collection of 20 royalty free compositions, designed to sound like they've been taken from old 50's vinyl, perfect to flip and make your own beat with!

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Caponelli Polaris One

For those that have been waiting for royalty free samples now it's time to make your move. Alpha Centori and Amen are proud to present their first full library LP of only original compositions. No samples. All played by them using their secret tools. The goal was to create melodies that sound just like they we're sampled from old vinyl from the 50's, 60's and 70's. We think you'll be very impressed with the result and let me tell you there is tons of possibilities. You can slow pitch down, chop, reverse, combine and more to create your own royalty free beats so you don't have to worry for copyrights issues. Wait no more and grab yourself a digital copy of this jewel. It really is full of inspiration and waiting to be flipped.

Note: Contains mixed compositions only, no individual loops/hits

Download contains:

20 x Compositions (15s-40s each)

Mixed Stereo

16 bits / 44.1Khz WAV Format

167MB (Unzipped)

Note: Mixed compositions only, no individual loops/hits