Checkmate Breaks

This pack contains 73 samples of 11 break beat patterns broken down into various takes on each break plus one shots all with tape saturation.

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Hip Hop Drums

BeatPPL and Mike Checkmate presents "Checkmate Breaks"!

Checkmate Breaks is a collection of most awesome breaks. There are 73 samples of 11 break beat patterns broken down into various takes on each break.

Each of the 11 breaks are broken out in up to 9 versions. Each break has a "full kit" version and additional versions such as "no hats", "percussion only", "no snare", "kick and snare only", "with tape hiss", "percussion and hats only" etc. etc. 

This unique take on the breaks and various versions is very inspiring in terms of sparking the creative juices. It's like finding breaks on vinyl and having the recording engineer from that recording session pull up the tape and break down the recording session for you to take and feed your sampler.

These breaks were expertly recorded and dropped to reel to reel tape for an authentic tape warmth and saturation.  

In addition to the breaks, we've included a stash of "one shots and patterns". The "one shots and patterns" folder includes 60 samples of various kicks, snares, hats, percussion, congas and more.

Download contains:

133 x Total Samples
73 x Breaks (Stems)
60 x One-shots 

24 Bit 44.1kHz WAV Format


442MB (Unzipped)