Chill Pads

This pack of Ambient Samples contains Ableton Live Instruments Racks, Effects Racks and Demo Projects, Pad Chords, MIDI files, one shots, Loops and more!
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Ambient Samples

Deep shimmering beds, soothing atmos and moody pads abound in ShamanStems' latest collection, loaded with Ableton Live instruments and effects racks, demo projects, chords, single notes, loops and MIDI files, making it an extremely versatile toolkit for musicians and producers.

Perfect for any genre, be it ambient, pop, house or DnB, these sounds have been designed using high-end hardware synthesizers, ranging from Yamaha vector and FM synths to Waldorf Wavetable and Korg mixed-synthesis gear.

Inside you will discover 30 Ableton Live Instrument Racks, with macros for sample start time, attack, release, portamento time, filter controls and loop on/off.Three Ableton Effect Racks are also available to further shape the pads, including a Multistomp, ideal for adding warmth and character, a Mangler, which is perfect for degrading and lofi-ing the sounds and a Movement rack, designed liven up the pads via phasing, autofiltering and autopanning.

Said racks have been created using the 106 Wav single notes recorded in the key of C, across many octaves, with very little external processing, to capture the genuine sound and feel of the machines they were recorded form. 129 Wav Chords are provided in various keys, with their respective MIDI notes attached. Drop all of these sounds into your sampler or wavetable synth of choice, layer, mangle and get creative.

11 Demo Projects showcase the use of the above racks and all WAV and MIDI content has been rendered inside the Demo Loops folders as construction kits for easy and fast access.

Please Note: The pack contains pads only, the drums, bass, arps and FX from the demo are not present in the pack. Found sounds are excerpted from ShamanStems - Organic Ambience & Textures.

Please Note: Ableton Live 9.7.2. + is required to use the Ableton Live racks and demo projects.

Download contains:

470 x Total  files
30 x Ableton Live Instruments Racks
3 x Ableton Live Effects Racks
11 x Ableton Live Demo Projects
129 x Pad Chords
128 x MIDI Chords
106 x Pad Single Hits
39 x Demo Loops
23 x Demo Loops MIDI Notes
1 x Ableton Live 9.7.2. + Pack

90 - 125BPM

24 bit 44.1 Khz WAV, MIDI and Ableton Formats

2.3GB (Unzipped)

Please Note: Ableton Live 9.7.2+ required