Cinematic Impacts Vol. 1

Over 400 breathtaking Percussion Loops in 24bit, arranged into 25 professionally engineered epic Construction Kits suitable for music productions & soundtrack projects
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Cinematic Impacts Vol. 1

Let's cut to the chase, "Cinematic Impacts" is a major contender for the "All time most dramatic use of percussion" award, a cacophony of drums, ethnic instruments, bongos and cymbals looped into atmospheric and suspense-filled building blocks. Build the tension in perfect time with the action, scoring scenes from classic film genres like horror, action and gangster, or simply adding movie-theatre drama to your musical productions.

Presented as 25 blockbusting kits locked at tempos from 80 - 170bpm, with each of the 450 individual instruments split onto its own track, this hugely versatile selection will complement any project where you need to constantly add interest and surprises with layers of texture and colour. Music producers can cut and slice for dancefloor euphoria, creating breakdowns and buildups for high energy dubstep, tribal house and explosive trance tunes.

Clearly labelled and cleanly cut, you'll waste no time laying down the perfect accompaniment with these crystal clear files, preformatted for your preferred workflow. Our triple quality guarantee ensures flawless results on the latest cinema and club sound systems, and you can tell the lawyers it's all under 100% royalty free license, so there's no extra fees to pay.

Use "Cinematic Impacts" alongside other packs from our resident genius Jean Baptiste Lacaze, Ambient Funk, Planet Of The Orchestra, Orchestral Scores and you can practically order the tuxedo already. There's no easier way to ensure professional quality results with the minimum timewasting, so forget the expense and difficulty of recording a truckload of exotic instruments yourself, take the fast track for your soundtrack with Prime Loops.

Download contains:

25 x Complete Song Kits

374 x Files (including full mixes)

80BPM - 170BPM

24 Bit  

1.1GB (Unzipped)

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