Circuit Bent Glitches

200+ Circuit Bent Samples & Chiptune Sounds!
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Circuit Bent Glitches

We've gone deep into the world of circuit bending and glitch chemistry to bring you this colossal collection of over 220 essential circuit bent samples, glitched out machines, and electronic malfunctions. The samples have been carefully compiled and presented in 11 brand new kits for your favourite sampler including Kontakt, EXS24, Halion, MPC samples, Mach Five, Reason Refill, Emu X2, Battery, SFZ, .WAV and Aiff Formats.

Inside you will find an optimum collection of intricate sonic sculptures handcrafted for the next generation of dance music producers. From robotic circuit bent toys, to 8-bit glitches, de-fused analogue drum machines to lo-fi digi pops & blips, this highly original sound suite is unequalled in its creative content covering the entire spectrum for those with a healthy disposition to create!

These electronic creations will melt effortlessly into your music, and provide a distinct sonic backdrop, unique percussive rhythms or precision digital FX.

From the most sublime minimal production, to adding an electronic fusion to the most upfront dance tracks, these distinguished circuit bent samples contain all the elements and creative combinations to out-source even the most original productions.

Download contains:

220+ Samples

Total size: 50MB+