Deep House Sequences

A diverse selection of Deep House construction kits, combined with a selection of unique one-shots, MIDI files, Massive presets and insert chains for a selection of plug-ins!
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Deep House Sequences

Create fresh sounding Deep House with the latest pack from Skifonix Sounds, ‘Deep House Sequences’.

This pack contains a diverse selection of Deep house kits to inspire your next track, aswell as specifically crafted drum one-shots, all you will need to get started. 

This pack takes it a step further too, with fully re-constructible kits. 

Each kit contains the NI Massive preset, MIDI file and even full insert chain screenshots so that you can re-create each sound exactly as heard in the demo. 

So whether you want an in-depth look at the production process or are just after some inspiration, this pack is an invaluable tool to have in your library. 

Useful plugins: 

• Fabfilter Pro-Q 
• Fabfilter Timeless 
• Fabfilter Saturn 
• Camel Audio Camelcrusher 
• Valhalla Vintage Verb 
• Cubase (inbuilt) Compressor, Chorus, MonotoStereo 
• iZotope Ozone5 Stereo Imaging Utility

Download contains:

6 x Full construction kits (including insert chain screenshots)

168 x Total audio files

20 x Kicks

20 x Clapsnares

20 x Percussion hits

29 x MIDI Files

25 x Massive Presets

44.1kHz, 24 bit WAV, MIDI and Massive preset (nmsv) formats

246MB (Unzipped)