Digital Glitch & Cybernetics

This immersive sound effects library of 438 Fx files contains Malfunctions, Processes and Computations, Robots, Creatures and more, available as 44.1Khz and 96Khz WAV for all your HD needs!
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Digital Glitch & Cybernetics

Digital Glitch & Cybernetics is a collection of extremely immersive sound effects created using state-of-the-art hardware synthesizers, suitable for music, apps, game audio, film & TV, adverts & commercials.

All samples are available in two sample rates: 44.1Khz and 96Khz, allowing you to acheive a much higher quality FX in your productions, not to mention the capabilities of sample manipulation with higher sample rates, without strange digital artifacts. 

Inside you will discover: 78 Buttons and Interactions, 44 Dramatic fx, 86 Machinery, 45 Malfunctions, 63 Miscellaneous, 60 Processes and Computations, 62 Robots and Creatures.

Download contains:

438 x Total Files

78 x Buttons and Interactions

44 x Dramatic

86 x Machinery

45 x Malfunctions

63 x Miscellaneous

60 x Processes and Computations

62 x Robots and Creatures

44.1Khz or 96Khz WAV 

392MB [For 44.1Khz]
853MB [For 96Khz]