Dirty Bass Stabs - D&B

Featuring 100+ Dirty Bass One-Shots, as well as for your favourite Software Sampler to add some seriously bass-heavy Momentum to your D&B productions!
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Dirty Bass Stabs - D&B

Cut a sick new sound with Dirty Bass Stabs: D&B, the fresh new sample pack from Prime Loops! This filthy pack delivers a weighty range of dirty bass one-shot d&b samples professionally produced to add some seriously sinister momentum to your Drum 'n' Bass mixes!

The first instalment in our razor-sharp new series of Dirty Bass Stabs, this sample pack dares the D&B scene to get down and dirty with a sonic selection of bass one-shots, kits and patches, produced to slice a sharper edge into your mix, infected with the ultimate grimy vibes!

Featuring 13 piercing patches, also delivered in deconstructed kit form, Dirty Bass Stabs: D&B arrives in formats for EXS24, HALION, Kontakt, Maschine, NN-XT and SFZ - all of your favourite software samplers! You are also treated to an incredible selection of over 100 bass one-shots! From the sinister static of 'Beelzebub' to the ripping bus of 'Deadeye', there's over 42MB of intense bass terror to chop into your tunes! You can get your hands on these 24-bit d&b samples via direct download and adding them to your favourite software only takes a simple drag and drop manoeuvre from your mouse! Sick of sample clearance hassle? There's no need to worry with this pack as every single sound featured is completely royalty free!

So if you're missing the tools you require to cut tunes with a truly sharp edge, Dirty Bass Stabs: D&B will slice open a fresh sense of inspiration! Watch your fingers on this one; it's renowned for a splintering sound!

Download contains:

100+ x Bass One-Shots

13 x Sampler Patches (EXS24, HALION, Kontakt, Maschine, NN-XT and SFZ)

Total Size: 42+MB