Dirty Bass Stabs - Electro

145+ Dirty Bass One-Shots! Featuring 12 lethal patches for your favourite sampler to add some fresh slices of mammoth bass into your Electro mixes!
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Dirty Bass Stabs - Electro

It's time to feel the thrust of our Dirty Bass Stabs once again and this time we're bringing you the Electro edition! This incisive sample pack fresh from the Prime Loops cutting room has been professionally produced to swing some fresh slices of mammoth bass into your Electro mixes!??

The third instalment in our razor-sharp Dirty Bass Stabs series, this Electro edition pushes that essential low-end element and twists it right into your mix, provoking a reaction of bittersweet bass vibes that will rupture the airwaves and render your productions positively imposing!??

Featuring 12 pulverising patches, also delivered in deconstructed kit form, Dirty Bass Stabs: Electro arrives in formats for EXS24, HALION, Kontakt, Maschine, NN-XT and SFZ - all of your favourite software samplers! You also gain access to an incredible selection of over 145 bass one-shots! From the robotic bark of 'Impulse' to venomous squelch of 'Rinse' and the sabre-toothed growl of 'Onyx' there's over 22MB of lethal bass lacerations to skewer into your tunes! You can get your hands on these 24-bit samples via direct download and adding them to your favourite software only takes a simple drag and drop manoeuvre from your mouse! Sick of sample clearance hassle? There's no need to worry with this pack as every single sound featured is completely royalty free!??

So if your Electro productions are lacking a certain sharpness, get straight to the point and puncture them with the pulsating precision of Dirty Bass Stabs: Electro! This pack guarantees to penetrate even the toughest of productions!

Download contains:

145+ x One-Shots

12 x Patches For EXS24, HALION, Kontakt, Maschine, NN-XT and SFZ

24-bit Quality

Total Size: 22MB