District 909

This pack contains a selection of processed and sampled 909 loops and one shots, ready to deliver a unique take on a classic sound!

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Drum One Shots

Dirty derivative 909 loops and one shots.

District 909 is a sample pack of creatively processed and sampled 909 drums and loops. Much like the first installment of District x0x drum samples reimagined, District 909 was created using a select set of eurorack, hardware and analog effects and filters.

Thinking back to the days of classic hiphop artist like Schoolly D, Salt n Pepa, Dana Dane, BDP, Kid n Play, Mantronix, Just Ice and on and on, the 909 was as present as the 808. As a matter of fact, they were often used to compliment one another in classic hiphop production.  

As per our typical modus operandi, these otherwise pristine and familiar samples were twisted just a bit to make them a bit more dark in the best way possible. The goal was to make the kicks more punch and dark, the Toms a bit more playful, the snares a lot more sharp. The result is a different take on the classic 909 sound. If you can imagine 909 drums sampled into a vintage sampler and further processed and colored with various analog gear, thats District 909.

Download contains:

75 x One-Shots
16 x Drum Loops 

16 Bit  44.1kHz WAV Format


82.8MB (Unzipped)

Note: Contains drums only