Drum Damage

Over 1,000 tape-saturated Drum Machine Samples in 24Bit Quality Audio
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Drum Damage

We've cranked up the volume (and destroyed a few tape saturation units along the way!) in this monster collection of over 1,000 hand-made, super sized drum samples for producers looking for a collection that will happily punch you in the face!

But this collection is no joking matter, having suffered multiple levels of abuse in its creation, from analogue tape distortion to relentless bit-crunching, "Drum Damage" is a unique and powerful drum samples pack with an attitude; and when unleashed will wreak havoc non-stop, all the way to the clubs.

Inside, you will find earth shaking beefy kicks, maximum redux cowbells, ripping crashes, tearing FX, cutting hi-hats, distorted percussions, gutted rides, stomach wrenching snares, bit-crushed sticks and furious shakers.

A great deal of time and effort went into the making of these drum samples, with over 1,000 sounds here, all of which were painstakingly created from the ground up on countless analogue synthesizers, and then forced through numerous effects units and pedals for a highly original sound that simply cannot be found anywhere else.

If you are a producer of electronic music, we are confident that this superior collection of drum samples will provide you with a new level of production. "Drum Damage" is highly flexible, and its razor sharp teeth are ready to sink into any musical style you throw at it...

Download contains:

1000+ x Drum Samples


Available in the following formats:

WAV, Ableton Live Racks, Akai MPC