Drum Hits

Packed with 1,000+ kicks, claps, snares, hats, percussion hits and cymbals Waveform's first drum hits collection features drums that are thick, warm and wide!
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Drum Hits

Bowing to popular demand Waveform deliver their first drum hits collection, packed with 1,000+ kicks, claps, snares, hats, percussion hits and cymbals in the trademark Waveform style: thick, warm and wide - with a sprinkling of vintage fuzz. Crunchy, warm and detailed beats have been at the core of all the best-selling Waveform releases. Now for the first time the Waveform guys put an abundance of raw beatmkaing tools at your fingertips so you can make your own jackin' house and techno grooves in minutes.

What's in the collection?

Kicks > 70 club-ready kicks, from pure sub-smackers to discofied rarities, to suit everything from deep house to mainroom techno.

Snares > 331 snares in an array of flavours: live, drum machine, layered, vinyl-infused.

Percussion > 99 assorted percussion hits, from classic drum machine toms and live African percussion to slinky shakers and miscellaneous hits for quirky beat programming.

Hats > 338 closed and 103 open hi-hats from both live and machine sources.

Claps > 98 crunchy claps, from uber-wide multi-claps and tight single claps through to layered, drum machine and processed claps.

Cymbals > 36 shimmering splashes, cacophonous crashes, gigantic gongs and reversed cymbals - all live-derived for that human feel.

All samples are presented in pristine 24-bit Wav quality for use in all Wav compatible samplers and DAWs.

Download contains:

1,075 x One-Shots

24-bit Wav Format

Total size: 170.9MB (unzipped)