Dubstep Invasion

Over 200 heavy-duty Dubstep Loops & Samples, including Drum Loops, Wobble Basslines, Drum One-Shots, SFX Samples and more!
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Dubstep Invasion

Take absolutely no hostages, cause maximum mayhem and make the "Dubstep Invasion" your mission! Equipped with this armoury - packed to the brim with dutifully manufactured, 24-bit professionally mastered, royalty free, tried, tested and polished dubstep weapons - you are more than ready to take aim at the heart of the trembling dancefloor. Then: Strike!

Going directly for your legs, bowels and mind, "Dubstep Invasion" is a gritty, 300Mb+ strong arsenal of jaw-dropping samples and neck-breaking loops, authored by Prime Loops' latest signing, highly skilled beat freak and producer MRK1! This infectious collection delivers the perfect foundation for any huge steppa: Bass - shaking the ground with ultra-low frequency force, Tricky percussion - wetting the sole of any riddim-hungry raver, Synth lines - guaranteed to make the crowd raise their arms with peak-time shivers being sent right up into their fingertips, and much more.

Whether you want to get your Bassnectar on with super-dope wobble-isms that get the juices flowing, aim with loaded laser guns at the international DJ jet set like Diplo, do the proper Skrillex Popstep remix treatment or levitate from the vaults of the underground like Magnetic Man - the world is yours with this absolute H-bomb of a sample and loop pack!

Hoover away on a whopping wave of hyper-modern sonic destruction: Subterranean thunder or morse signals coming from another galaxy. Super-dry claps or razor-sharp rims. Neon-lit snares or mind-boggling sweeps. Cutting stabs or FM synths colder than steel. Breaking shards of glass or voices from the next dimension. Sky-high drops or cave sounds that go deeper than some might want to. Sounds kind of scary? Well, it is!

As with all our other Prime Loops releases "Dubstep Invasion" will work on any setup - just let it conquer your workflow and get set to create epic tracks that will make Skream scream, Benga bang his head and Dygital Mystikz' Mala reach for his... well, you guessed it, his mala. One thing is for sure: At this level of top-notch quality and instant usability, topped off with inexpensive pricing, this pack will have all of them begging for the endless rewind!


Alt Sounds

I think that the synth loops are the best part of this pack. There are some interesting rhythms and catchy hooks that could really get a rave going. The one shots do have some good effects and there is an exciting one shot sound effect vocal sample named Sick tonite. I would have liked to see maybe a couple of other vocal samples to add something extra to this pack.

The samples are all good quality but out of all of the Dubstep sample packs there are on the market I have to say that this, for me, is perhaps not as good as the other Dubstep packs Prime Loops have. Even though there are some attention-grabbing synth loops there isn’t a lot of variation to the samples. Personally I would check out Prime Loops other dubstep packs as they have quite a few. It is an inexpensive pack and suitably priced at £9.72





Download contains:

39 x Basslines
82 x Solo Drum Loops
22 x Synth Leads
10 x FX Loops

14 x Snare & Clap Hits
9 x Kick Hits
8 x Hi Hat Hits
10 x Percussion Hits
11 x FX Hits
11 x Bass Hits
15 x Synth Hits

24 Bit Quality

Total SIze: 440MB