Dubstep Vs Hip Hop

480MB+ of jacked up, battle ready dubstep & hip hop crossover loops and one-shots, combing the gnarly wobble and uber compression of Dubstep with the laid-back groove of Hip Hop. Get in the ring and take a swing!
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Dubstep Vs Hip Hop

Are you ready to ruuumble?! Flex your musical muscles with DUBSTEP vs HIP HOP, the brand new sample smash from Prime Loops! With Dubstep in the blue corner and Hip Hop in the red corner, only you can decided which will get the knock-out blow! Banging heads with two seriously heavyweight genres, this style coalition allows you to build your own sick sound around the clashing strengths of these massive music scenes.

Will it be victory for all as two mammoth genres collide to create a new sonic superpower? Or will the gnarly bass of dubstep come out on top over the funked-up kick and snare of Hip Hop? In your bid to determine the winner, deploy some bloated, nasty wobble bass or opt for a pulsating, East Coast-style sub bass loop. Swing in the hits with low 808 kicks and sharp, penetrating snares or choose the path of power with some huge, uber-compressed drum patterns. Cut through the mix with aggressive synth leads, menacing bells, powerful strings and overbearing brass or chop things up with some seriously next-level SFX!

Weighing in with a whopping 488MB of jacked up, beefed up audio, DUBSTEP vs HIP HOP packs that extra punch with striking 24-bit sound quality. This unruly sound collision will spit over 170 loops and 90 individual drum hits into your DAW via direct download, with samples arranged across 8 massive folders. Powerslam any of these steroid-fuelled loops straight into your mix - they'll even sync automatically with the Bpm of your current project! Tempos range from a slow and steady 67 all the way up to a pummelling 155 BPM but you can adjust things to whatever pace takes your fancy.

If you're ready to K.O the competition, get in the ring and take a swing with DUBSTEP vs HIP HOP! This stacked sample pack comes to you completely royalty free, so throw out those sample clearance forms and get ready to throw some sonic death-punches!


Alt Sounds

"The perfect sample pack for people looking to make beats that contain both Hip-Hop and Dubstep elements"


"The sounds on this pack are fantastic"

"remember that you're not just paying for sounds but also inspiration and there's a ton of that on here. Loads of these sounds will inspire you and end up being the foundation for a new beat."


FL Studio Music

"Overall, Dubstep Vs Hip Hop is great musical excercise full of interesting content, all the loops sound very professional and ready for taking part in any productions, genres or subgenres of dubstep and hip hop."


Producer Spot

"This sample pack is just great! In about 20 minutes I mix and create a track using the content of this pack (listen above). Very complex, with a lot of cool dubstep loops this pack is a great opportunity to mix both hip hop and dubstep styles and let your creativity to blow your speakers. Excellent choice for quality and diversity!"


HTMEM - Blog

"The Hip Hop drum loops -folder contains more traditional hip hop grooves. They stomp and hit hard in the sub frequency range and are also a good source for Trap as well, but will blend nicely to a Dubstep track too. The production quality is top-notch as usual with Prime Loops samples."

"The Dubstep folder contains basses that are more on the filthy, raw and wobbly side"

"It’s also a great source of inspiration. I would say you can’t go wrong with this pack."


Download contains:

170 x Loops
90 x One Shots

67-155 BPM

Total Size: 488MB