Dungeon Techno 2

This follow-up to Dungeon Techno contains more dark and gritty Techno samples featuring modular synth lines, hard beats, dark drones, chords, FX and more!

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Techno Samples

Riemann Kollektion goes again deep into the concrete Techno dungeons of Berlin to bring you rough, unpolished analog sounds straight out of machines like Tr-909, SH-101, Tr-808, LinnDrum, Matrixbrute and the Eurorack Modular System.

Heavy usage of 12-bit samplers from the 90s and analog signal processing gives you source material which sits in the mix without addint tons of plugins.

You can find everything inside from analog modular-system synth-lines to persistently pounding and grinding beats as well as kick drum oneshots, fx, background noises and rumbling percussion Loops.

The synth sequences are not very moelodic but more like tonal percussive constructions, in combination with the beat loops the give you the foundation for a whole track already.

To build up the track you can add ride loops and snale loops on top or build your own drum patterns with the included 80 oneshots!

Riemann Kollektion provides you with more than 15 years experience in Techno production. All sounds are made for maximum impact on large horn soundsystems like Funktion One or VOID.

Download contains:

272 x Total Files
20 x Background Loops
20 x Bassline Loops
42 x Beat Loops
10 x Fx Loops
10 x Hihat Loops
20 x Kick Loops
15 x Percussion Loops
10 x Ride Loops
10 x Snare Loops
20 x Synth Sequences
15 x Top Loops
10 x Claps Shots
15 x Fx Shots
10 x Hihats Shots
20 x Kick Drums Shots
15 x Percussions Shots
10 x Synths Shots

24bit 44.1kHz WAV Format


487MB (Unzippd)