EDM Epic Bigroom Energy Drop Anthems

A staggering 50 EDM, construction kits containing  loops, one shots, MIDI Files, Spire and Sylenth presets across 766MB of content.
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EDM Epic Bigroom Energy Drop Anthems

'EDM Epic Bigroom Energy Drop Anthems' from Mainroom Warehouse are proud to release this huge pack featuring a whopping 50 Construction Kits including drums (kicks & percussion), all MIDI parts, presets for each Kit (Spire & Sylenth) and mixdown of each Kit. Included in the pack is a huge amount of content, including 50 epic EDM/Bigroom energy drop anthem Construction Kits, 104 Spire presets, Sylenth bank & indivdual presets (22 Sylenth presets in total), 126 MIDI files in total and all the presets heard in the demo.

Each Kit contains drum folders consisting of kick compressed & uncompressed & several percussion variations, MIDI folders consisting of all parts used in the demo, presets folders consisting of presets used for that Kit (Spire/Sylenth or both), a mixdown demo of that Kit and each Kit folder has the Kit number, key info & BPM named on them.

Please Note: Please use Spire version 1.1.7 or higher. Please use Sylenth version 3.02 or higher. For Sylenth users, presets have not been tested with versions 2.2 or 2.21 beta. The presets in this pack are not guaranteed to load with older versions.

Remember to keep your software legal and up-to-date to avoid any issues when loading your new presets.

Download contains:

581 Kit Files in Total

104 x Spire Presets

22 x Sylenth Presets

126 x MIDI Files

181 x Percussion Loops

98 x Kicks

50 x Mixdown Demos

16 bit WAV

766MB (Unzipped)