This Electro House and Techno sample pack contains over 550 loops, one-shots and MIDI files to kick-start your productions!
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  • WAV & MIDI


Due to the scarcity of pure Electro sample libraries, the Shamans have decided to create a collection that pays tribute and stays true to the classic works of Kraftwerk, Juan Atkins, James Stinson, Gerald Donald, Underground Resistance, AFX, AUX88 and DMX Krew. 

Please Note: Some loops present in the demo have been treated to compression and reverb in post production, whereas the loops in the collection are recorded as dry as possible.

Download contains:

171 x Drum loops
23 x Fx and Ambience
227 x Drum Hits
36 x Arps and Sequences + 23 MIDI Files.
23 x Pads and Textures + 23 MIDI Files
20 x Bass Loops + 19 MIDI Files

126 to 138 BPM