Essential Studio Drums

420MB+ of expertly recorded live drum loops & one-shots, featuring over 250 HUGE live drum grooves and fills, guaranteed to smash your tracks into the next block!
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Essential Studio Drums

Studio, microphones, vintage desk, pristine drum kit, drummer with a bit too much energy - all check! Drum roll please…introducing Essential Studio Drums, the percussive smash that's waiting to kick in your tracks and unleash their fury! Tired of the same old drum machine sounds? Looking for a phat live sound specially engineered to work seamlessly with electronic music? Then step right this way and pump some lethal percussive adrenalin into your productions. Don't get beaten down by the same old rhythms - hit back with the ultimate live drum collection!

Recorded in a purpose-fit studio, complete with Neve channel strips, Thermionic Culture compressors and Prism Sound converters, Essential Studio Drums draws its influences from the sickest live beats in the game - whether you're smashing Rock snares, riding Pop hi hats or bouncing off of some Dance kicks, we've hammered all angles into one neat, dynamic live loop pack. Fix up any genre with our specially crafted drum sound, created using a classic Pearl Export kit and a whole lot of sweat! Designed for maximum impact, this collection is inspired by only the hardest-knocking tunes in Dance, Rock and Pop today, from Daft Punk and Prodigy to The Chemical Brothers and beyond.

This powerful live library weighs in at over 420MB and lands in the form of expertly played live grooves and drum fills, pre-mixed and mastered so you can throw them into your production and get going straight away. Loops are arranged into 4 folders by tempo, including 100, 110, 120 and 128 Bpm. We’ve also tossed in a folder of live drum one-shots for good measure, so you can construct your own live rhythms at the drop of a hat!

From the thick, rock-solid groove of 'Full Fat' and the speedy, fidgety twitch of 'Breakneck', to the urgent swing of the funky 'Disco', there's a wealth of phat, bullet-proof beats to suit your tunes. On top of these, the variety of fills on offer, from the bouncing live toms of 'Rolling' to the snare crushing 'Slam', will give your beats that uplifting edge and momentum - you couldn't ask for a more reliable, straight-up groove arsenal!

Working with these live drum loops is outrageously easy - just drag your chosen loop into any DAW and it'll sync with the Bpm of your project instantly. Bounced at 24bit, the gleaming, contemporary sound of Essential Studio Drums will be more than a match for any musical material you care to throw at it.

The drum beat is the backbone of every song, so add some spine-quaking live elements to your next tune with Essential Studio Drums - we've broken sticks, split skins and busted rims to bring this live drum sample pack to you and it's all yours, 100% royalty free, so get busy creating some drum mayhem!



" incredibly tight and powerful sound that is used for all the loops in the pacl."

"The hats and cymbals will rattle your eardrums, the kick is solid and heavy but with plenty of space for a large bassline, while the cracking snare will cut through your mix like butter. We hate to think of how many drum sticks were broken during the making of this loud and punchy pack!"

"A pack of simple but solid grooves, with a blistering, snappy and upfront drum sound"



Download contains:

280+ x Drum Loops and One-Shots

110-128 Bpm

100% Royalty Free

24bit WAV Format

Total Size: 420MB+