Foley Essentials Vol.2

Unique Collection of 299 live recorded Drum & Percussion Sounds, full of Character and perfect for layering & creative Sound Design!

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Foley Essentials Vol.2

AK is back with his second installment of Foley Essentials. 

This volume focuses on all things drum and percussion related and provides a wide arsenal of live recorded sounds. 

All of the sounds in this volume are one shot percussion style sounds that work extremely well for layering together to create new sounds. 

The snares in this pack are recorded live and when reverb is applied, they have a beautiful distant quality that will sit very nicely in chill & ambient styles. 

The claps and snaps can be chained together to create organic and complex glitch like patterns. 

Other material such as cajon drums, rimshots, and shrapnel percussion round out this pack to a total of 300 sounds. 

Download contains:

299 x Total Sounds (one-shots)

10 x Kicks
121 x Snares
30 x Snaps & Claps
16 x Rimshots
15 x Long Claps
10 x Long Rimshots
37 x Cajon drums
60 x Shrapnel Percussion

44.1 kHz, 24bit WAV Format

83.4MB (Unzipped)