Fundamental IDM

An experimental IDM Sample Pack containing loops, one shots, MIDI files and presets, offering you and interesting and unique palette to work from!
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IDM Sample Pack

Fundamental IDM is a palette of experimental and interesting samples, MIDI and presets, guaranteed to give your productions more edge and intrigue. Including various foley hits, knocks, bloops and scrapes to give you an organic aesthetic.

Mixing this with glimmering pads, soaring guitars and twinkling pianos to create complex variation, something that is key to the IDM genre. Sonic influences cite artists such as Julien Mier, Culprate & Mr. Bill, which are key individuals to the IDM sound. Fundamental IDM is essential for IDM producers to get a different perspective on their music and to dive deep into electronic experimentalism.

Download contains:

146 x Loops Total
107 x One shots 
 8 x MIDI Files
30 x Drum Loops
20 x Bass Loops
20 x Chord Loops
26 x Melody Loops
16 x SFX
10 x Bonus Serum Presets 

24 Bit WAV, MIDI, Synth Preset Formats


680MB (Unzipped)


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