Future Bass

Featuring 9 construction kits, Foley recordings, MIDI files, Massive presets, drum loops and more, this pack makes sure you are never short of ideas for your next Future Bass track!
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Future Bass

Be a part of the next big movement in sound with Future Bass from Skifonix Sounds. Using organic sound design and soulful melodic sequences, Future Bass contains all the tools you need to produce colorful, neon tracks. This pack contains an incredible 901MB worth of completely unique content. 

9 fully reconstructable kits allow you to recreate the tracks exactly as heard in the demo or just use the ideas as the blueprint for your next track. All kits come with relevant presets, MIDI files, insert chain screenshots and FX plugin presets. We took the construction for this pack up a level too, recording 145 original foley sounds to give your production that organic feel. Included are water sounds, coins, shakers, keys, bottle crunches, knife scrapes, castanets, rain sticks, tambourines and more! On top of this are 10 original melody sequences split into parts and 10 drum loops, also split into parts as well as 48 uniquely designed NI Massive presets. 

Please Note: Please keep your version of Massive up to date in order for these presets to work properly.

Download contains:

9 x Construction Kits

Each kit includes:
NI Massive Presets
MIDI files
Insert chains (pictures)
Extra Plugin Presets for Fab Filter: ProQ, Timeless, Saturn

410 x Total Audio Files

145 x Foley recordings (water sounds, coins, percussion, keys, bottle crunches, knife scrapes, and more)

109 x Massive Presets

99 x MIDI files

10 x Drum Loops (59 parts)

10 x Melody Sequences (40 parts + MIDI)

24 BIt WAV, MIDI,  Massive Preset  (nmsv), Fab FIlter presets (.ffp)

901MB (Unzipped)

Please note: You need to own FabFilter plugins to use included extra presets for FabFilter.